Permits for The Paisley Abercorn Angling Club run from 1st November each year and end on 31st October the following year so if you purchased your permit 1st November 2015 this means your permit runs out 31st October 2016.

The dates shown on the permit cards are the statutory fishing seasons and you will require a valid permit in order to fish.

Annual memberships are available for the Paisley Abercorn Angling Club for £50 per year (with a one-off £10 admin fee in the first year*).

Associate memberships are also available for the White Cart  which also includes the Cart up to the junction pool at the M8 for £30 per year.

Junior memberships   This year we have introduced an incremental scale to lessen the financial impact of the transition from junior to senior membership:

  • Over 8 years and under 16’s: £10 per year (no joining fee) unless sons, daughters of a full paying member. Contact Hooked on Fishing for full details. 
  • 16 years: £30 per year (no joining fee)
  • 17 years: £40 per year (no joining fee)
  • 18 years: £50 (No joining fee if moving from junior to senior without a break in membership*)

*Please note, an admin fee of £10 may be required if there is a break in membership or where club fees have not been paid by the renewal deadline. ( THIS IS OCTOBER 31ST EACH YEAR. )

Please note members of the club must attend one work party per season to maintain their right of membership to the club.

Day permits are available at a cost of £7.50 per day (not available on Saturdays) from 15th March 2018. Not available for Grayling fishing.

You will only be allowed to purchase a maximum of 6 day permits per year.

Club beats maps and club rules are available on request by emailing the club on or by fax on 08719 771 120.

Please note:

  • Persons wishing to fish must be in possession of a valid permit before commencing fishing.
  • Permits cannot be purchased on the river bank.
  • Existing members must also ensure they are in possession of their Photo ID and annual permit card whilst fishing as they may be asked to produce this by Scottish Executive Warranted Bailiffs or other club members at any time.
  • Member’s guests must also be in possession of a valid guest ticket available only from Hooked on Fishing.

Annual Memberships and Associate memberships are only available from Hooked on Fishing in Renfrew. Day permits can also be purchased. (click on shops banner to open a map in another window):

Day permits are also available from the following locations (click on shop’s banner to open a map in another window):