About the Paisley Abercorn

The Paisley Abercorn Angling Club was established in 1894 and holds the fishing rights for Salmon, Sea-trout, Brown Trout and Grayling on it’s waters. All the fish are natural and will give a good fight better than any stocked fish will ever manage.

We as a club within the Clyde Catchment area follow the guidelines laid down by the Scottish Government and as such we are currently classed as cat3 for the fishing of Salmon. What this means to us as anglers is that if we catch a salmon we must by Law under all circumstances return this fish to the water irrespective of the condition the fish is in.

Panoramic photographs of the upper stretch of the Gryffe

Panoramic photograph of the upper stretch of the Gryffe

The club waters cover the River White Cart up to Crookston Bridge with no breaks in the river, the Cart from Inchinnan to the meetings pool of the Gryffe and the Black Cart, and the most of the River Gryffe from the junction with the Black Cart up to Bridge of Weir.

Following a vote at the club’s 2007 AGM, the club agreed to undertake the Wild Trout Initiative.  In essence, the club agreed to stop stocking with farmed trout and instead focus our resources on improving the river system to develop an ecologically diverse and self-supporting environment.  This initiative is now in it’s ninth year with extremely positive results supported by electro-fishing and invertebrate surveys (as well as our catch returns).

Abercorn members removing fallen trees blocking a bridge on the Gryffe

Abercorn members removing fallen trees blocking a bridge on the Gryffe

Our members take part in various work parties throughout the year to improve the river systems as well as addressing any river management issues. As a member you are required to attend one work party per season in order to remain a member of the club.

Being a member means you will have access to our club hut which, although basic, has comfortable seating and a large outside decking area with benches provided for sitting on whilst speaking of the big fish that always got away. A warm and welcoming retreat on a cold or wet day on the river.

Our rivers are protected by Scottish Executive Warranted Bailiffs they can and will appear at any given time day or night all year round to check that you have your permit and what you are fishing for along with the type of bait and equipment you are using.

Further information can be obtained by contacting the club by email on paisleyabercorn@ntlworld.com or by fax on 08719 771 120. Alternatively you can contact the club via our Facebook page http://www.facebook.com/Paisley-Abercorn-Angling-Club-276526756487/

A PDF version of the club rules is below which can be viewed online or downloaded.

Paisley Abercorn Angling Club Rules