Current restrictions on fishing to remain in place.

Please note this reminder from the Scottish Government regards Covid-19 restrictions.

Whilst the UK Government has recently announced some relaxation of the previous restrictions regarding exercise and certain sports we wish to remind you that these changes apply to England only.

Consequently the existing guidelines and restrictions imposed by the Scottish Government during recent weeks will continue to remain in place for the forseeable.

This means that the Paisley Abercorn Angling Club’s water will remain closed to all anglers.

It is increasingly likely that changes may be made to the current restrictions in the coming weeks.

During this time we will continue to monitor this and will provide updates as and when required, including any special measures that may be required in order to support a safe return to fishing when restrictions are eased.

With this in mind we strongly advise anglers not to travel to the rivers covered by the Paisley Abercorn Angling Club.

This in turn will therefore avoid any unnecessary exposure to and / or spread of the virus to themselves and others.


Any Persons found fishing will be dealt with appropriately and if necessary using the full powers of the law.

Please bear with us at this time.

We all want to be fishing.

So to reiterate the above.

1. Stay at home.
2. Avoid unnecessary journeys.
3. Do not fish.
4. Stay Safe.

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