An exciting new project underway

Paisley Abercorn Angling Club has a bit of an announcement to make.  Discussions have been underway for some time regarding an innovative new project which could completely revolutionise river fishing in Scotland but primarily for our club.

We have recently secured  funding via a partnership deal with a major British fishing equipment manufacturer which will allow the club to begin submitting planning applications and creating a viable business model.

Before that, it’s essential to begin a consultation with our membership to ensure that the committee’s plans reflect the wishes of members.

In countries such as Japan & Australia, indoor fishing is extremely popular and has been for many years.

All weather fishing in Australia

All weather fishing in Australia

In Scotland, a country famous for it’s changeable weather and often hostile conditions, you would have though that we’d have already thought about making fishing accessible regardless of the conditions.

There have been some designs suggested for indoor fishing in the UK, as shown in this design concept for an indoor fishing centre in Birmingham.

Design concept for indoor fishing

Design concept for indoor fishing

The Paisley Abercorn Angling Club’s proposal is a bit more bold, instead of attempting to recreate an angling environment indoors, the plan is to enclose a section of natural river.

Although designs are in the preliminary stages, the basic concept is to take a section of river then enclose it in an environmentally friendly, temperature controlled bio-dome.  The river will continue to flow uninterrupted &  the river ecology will be completed unaffected.

For the first time in the UK (possibly even in Europe) anglers will have the opportunity to fish for natural, wild fish on  a real river regardless of the outside weather conditions.

There is also a further plan for the roof to contain clear solar panels which, through the use of photovoltaic panels, will provide free and sustainable power to the bio-dome for heating and even lighting.

Imagine the possibility of being able fish all night with enough light to see within a temperature controlled environment.

The committee has identified the stretch from the clubhouse to the sluice gates as being the ideal site for this venture due to the accessibility for the construction vehicles and plant equipment that will be involved in the process.

The proposed site for the club's fishing bio-dome

The proposed site for the club’s spectacular new fishing bio-dome

This choice of site will also make the facility ideally located for anglers using the club hut.

Obviously we’re keen to ensure we have the backing & full support of members so will be beginning a full membership consultation in the coming months.  In the meantime, anyone wishing to ask questions or make their thoughts on this exciting new project can either leave comments here, on the club’s facebook page or by emailing the club at



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