The Club Hut

The second of this years scheduled work parties took place on Saturday 14 April.

Sadly, before any work could be done on the river, the first job was to clear the mess in the club hut after someone has had yet another party there.

The morning after...

The morning after…

Apart from the mess scattered around the hut, the bin was overflowing and the fireplace was a disgusting mess, with some appearing to have urinated over the stove.

An utter mess...

An utter mess…

The club hut seems to have been seeing a lot of use as a party venue of late, on some occasions with the door having been kicked in.  At other times though it appears that members have either failed to lock the door after leaving or, much more concerning, may have been allowing access to non-members, many of whom appear to be engaging in underage drinking

We would ask members to ensure that the club hut door is locked when they leave and to be sure that anyone that they allow access to is definitely a club member.  We would also ask that members contact the club immediately if they see any suspicious activity….please use the contact numbers for our bailiffs.

It is important to ensure that the key code for the club hut is not given out, whether to non-members or even junior members (who should not have solo access to the club hut anyway).  

In the next few weeks, the club hut access code will be changed and members will only be able to get the new code by contacting the club either by email, by phone or in person at Hooked on Fishing in Renfrew and being able to provide membership details as proof.

If it is suspected that any club members are allowing access to any non members or are in any way responsible for the mess of the club hut, rest assured that they will be invited to appear in front of the committee for a disciplinary hearing.  Please be aware, a disciplinary hearing could ultimately lead to their permit being withdrawn and a permanent exclusion from the club.


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