Paisley Abercorn Opening Day Saturday 19 March 2011

This years Opening Day looked promising with it being sunny although still a bit cold.  A strong wind picked up through the day which drove a few back to the warmth of the club hut (or that might have just been June’s soup and the promise of a few cold beers).

Getting ready to go

Getting ready to go

When the sun was out and the wind was down, conditions looked ideal but was still a little cold for the fish and some of the anglers.

Here fishy fishy...

Here fishy fishy...

As is the tradition on opening day, there was a competition although it is the least formal of all of our club competitions.

It was  good to see a few familiar faces as well as a few new ones.

A few members congregated on the decking (in fact we’re sure some didn’t leave the decking to fish at all) and  a few others enjoyed the warmth of the stove and the hot food, soup and sandwiches inside.

The cold wind seemed to keep the fish down (and some of the the members in the club hut) but at least one fish was caught.  The first prize going to Richie Millar who was lucky enough to catch a salmon taking first place and winning a new fly rod.

The other prizes went to a prize draw with John Doak kindly donating his prize to one of the kids who was utterly delighted.

Even after the competition ended, the club hut was still a busy place with plenty of members hanging around  to swap tips, exchange stories and have a few drinks.

The club would like to thank June Doak for preparing the soup, cooking the food, running the bar and keeping her husband John out of trouble as usual.

Our thanks also go to Sharon for preparing a great assortment of sandwiches which kept the members well fed throughout the day.

In all the opening day was a great success with members and friends of the club enjoying the day immensely.  Thanks to all who attended and all those who helped with the arrangements.

Here’s to a great season ahead – tight lines to all.


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